This book was written as a result of Lyn Shand's own experience in trying to find answers for hormonal problems after having a hysterectomy at the age of 33. It was based on a 20-year search for answers on behalf of Australian women suffering from P.M.S., menopausal and other hormone imbalance problems.

There are now answers.
Lyn is an experienced psychologist and family therapist who works with women's health, stress and relationship issues. She also liaises with doctors who know of her approach.

You can learn from:

  • Lyn's own frustration in trying to find a solution for severe menopausal and P.M.S. symptoms following the hysterectomy at age 33.
  • Her work with support groups for menopausal women in the 1990's.
  • Her 1996 research, which was conducted with sixty Australian menopausal women between the ages of 36 and 62.
  • Her talks, workshops, lectures and counselling sessions with women and their partners about hormonal imbalance problems such as P.M.S., post-natal depression, pregnancy sickness, and menopause.
  • Her passion for helping other women to know ALL the options for treating hormonal imbalances.
  • Her knowledge about the use of bio-identical hormones, rather than synthetic ones.
  • How counselling can assist women and their partners to find more balance and control over their lives. This includes physiological, psychological/relationship, work/leisure balancing of stress.
  • Each woman is an individual with individual needs and should be treated as such.

The book covers chapters on :

Women's stories; what is normal & abnormal re hormones; the symptoms of hormone imbalances; survey results from Lyn's research; assistance tried and side effects; genetic links; finding a balance with our "Stress Triangle"; men's issues; to H.R.T. or not?; tests women can have; the difference between progesterone, progestogin and wild yam; life style and diet; other alternatives; benefits of counselling; how to be assertive; and "What's Right for Me" - a personal action plan.

Book is available from Lyn Shand. Email Cost $25 including postage.