We are all humans. We all laugh, we all cry, we all fear, we all hate. Simply put, we all love and we all need to be loved.

We all will suffer from emotional pain

We are all humans. We all think, we all feel, and we all will suffer from emotional pain arising from loss, loneliness, failures, misunderstandings and rejection.

It hurts when we lose someone we love because of death, separation, or unresolved conflicts; when a friend did not return our calls, text messages or emails; when someone we care about unfriends us on Facebook; or when we lose a job or something we cherish. We feel the ‘pain’, it hurts! We might also feel sad, and sometimes become angry at ourselves, at others, or at the world in general. It further hurts when we blame ourselves or question our self-worth, and that might possibly ‘paralyse’ us to get back on track if it becomes a self-perpetuating process.

We all need to feel safe

We are all humans, and we are all driven by basic needs to feel safe and to be respected by others.

However, not all of us feel safe. People who are in an abusive relationship or in abusive situations may find themselves being afraid of their perpetrator(s) or feeling threatened by abusive behaviours. Indeed, there has been increased research and media attention on the issues of dating violence, intimate partner abuse, and family violence. Some helpful resources include: Relationships Australia 1300 364 277; Centres Against Sexual Assault 1800 806 292; Domestic Violence Victoria 1800 015 018; 1800RESPECT 1800 737 732; Women’s Support Line 1300 134 130; In Touch Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence 1800 755 988; and Australian Centre for Human Rights and Health 9654 5600.

But we are not the same

We are all humans. However, in some ways, we are not all the same. We have things that make us unique. Every one of us has a story behind us and a life to live.

In this year, what are we carrying with us? Would it be a commitment to achieving some goals, such as getting good grades in studies, enhancing work performance, fostering a relationship, spending times with our beloved ones, or exploring an ‘unknown territory’? All these things are what make us human beings tick, giving our lives meaning and purpose. When trying to pursue our goals over the course of our lives, we all will have ups and downs. While sometimes experiencing joy and happiness, we may sometimes feel worried, stressed, anxious, frustrated and depressed. Further, some of us might carry deep emotional wounds, for instance, long-standing guilt or shame, consuming sadness or might struggle with substance and behavioural addictions which cause harm to ourselves and people around us.

We all need to be supported

We are all humans, and we all help others and need help from others while navigating our life’s journey which is filled with challenges and unknowns. We are not all alone!
If you find it difficult to engage with your life or you get to the point that you feel you are overwhelmed by chaos and difficulties, you may want to speak to your GP and seek psychological support. This may help gain perspectives on your situation and make your journey a little easier.

Please remember, we are all humans after all! Be kind to yourself and to one another

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